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Miss Alaska

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Alaska is cold lonely state up north of the Arctic Ocean. It is an American state located west of Canada, where whale meat and ice cream is delicious food on the table. If you followed the 2008 elections, you’d remember the Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin originated from this state and served as its first female governor.

But here is the thing. Did you know she was also a runner up at the Miss Alaska Pageant, finishing third. Wait. Alaska has a beauty pageant?

Miss Alaska is an annual beauty competition, a scholarship pageant, that selects representatives for the Miss America that same year. It has much the same with how beauty pageants work in other states. The first Miss Alaska winner is Marguerite Lee in 1937. Helmer Liederman was supposed to be the first, but was disqualified.

Miss Alaska winners are known to make a name for themselves after the contest. It’s almost become something of a trend. PJ Gentry and Cindy Suryan, Miss Alaskas 1978 and 1975, became popular radio and TV personalities. Kathy Sharp found work as an NWA (National Weather Association) TV broadcaster during the 1980s. She won Miss Alaska in 1976.

Even the runner ups seem to find a niche for themselves following the Miss Alaska pageant. Alice Welling became a comedic actress and singer. Sarah Heath Palin, well, we all know that story.

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